Austin Waterjet is a National Cutting Service and Sheet Metal Fabricator

About Austin Waterjet, Inc.

AUSTIN WATERJET INC. was founded in April, 1997, by James and Janet Miller in Austin, Texas. The goal of the company has always been to provide customers with high quality parts, and short lead times. Austin Waterjet has experienced steady growth even during the “down years” by providing excellent service, short lead times, and rapid response to the needs of our customers. Since 1997, the company has moved twice to accommodate this growth in sales volume, and currently resides in south Austin in 25,000 square feet on two acres of fenced yard. We have been diligent in keeping our production equipment up-to-date, and have added capability and services as required by the marketplace. As machines have aged, or become technologically outdated, they have been replaced with new, updated equipment. Additionally, we have continually evaluated and updated our systems and procedures to support the needs of our customers. Industries served by Austin Waterjet include Food Equipment, OEM, Aerospace, Construction, Architectural, Military, Semiconductor, and Composite Fabrication.

The current manufacturing processes offered by Austin Waterjet are:

  • Waterjet Cutting – 4 machines, dual cutting heads, 87,000 PSI, with Taper Control
  • Laser Cutting – 2 machines, 4000 watts, 60” x 120” cutting envelope
  • Precision Forming – 2 machines, 102” max forming length
  • Miscellaneous Light Machining
  • Manual and Vibratory Deburring

In order to offer the most value-added service to its customers, Austin Waterjet stocks and supplies most common types and thicknesses of Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel.

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